My name is Danielle Founder + CEO of So Virgin Coconut The Kollection. The end of 2020 was kinda rough for me but in the mist of all of it I was able to pick my business back up that I started back in 2018. Ive always had a obsession with virgin coconut oil and for some reason I wanted to make my own, then possibly make a profit off of my product. Virgin Coconut oil is so underrated its actually funny how little people know about it. From its healing properties to its moisturizing benefits. It took me my third attempt plus all the research I put behind it to bring you this liquid gold in purest form. Although the store brands are most likely altered I can assure you my Virgin Coconut oil is in purest form. All the way to the coconuts I hand cracked myself. Trust my brand to bring you true Virgin Coconut oil 🦩